Sebastian Spanache

Jazz pianist and composer.

BJA award winning jazz pianist covering all aspects of performance and audio production. With over two decades of experience in composing, releasing, and touring with live ensembles; studio sequencing, tracking, mixing A/V material in a wide spectrum of genres; as well as sound design and foley recording.

Having previously led a successful trio in Romania, Sebastian is now focusing on his solo piano career with the launch of his new album 'UPAMERCADO' in 2023.


Upamercado is a three-year unfolding musical travel log through Latin America that weaves the artist's spellbinding compositional journey with the essence of landscapes and rhythms across the region. Recorded in mono.

From the lively rhythms of samba and bossa nova and the melancholic melodies of bolero and tango - to the improvisational aura of straight-ahead lines and Eastern European vibes, Upamercado offers a unique and captivating listening experience.

NEW! Ultra-detailed and complete piano transcriptions of all six tracks in digital PDF format. Transcribed by the composer.

Live solo

Guest performance at Chamber Jazz @ Transilvania University - 'Alone Together' - Jazz Piano improvisations. A six part invitational concert series in 2021.

the Trio Project

Their debut recording ‘Humanized’ awarding them the ‘Grand Trophy’ prize at the prestigious ‘Johnny Raducanu’ International Competition in 2013; second outing ‘A Pasha’s Abstinence’ snagging ‘Album of the Year’ award from Sunete Magazine in 2014, and premiering with the first ‘silent live concert’ in Romania; and third recording ‘The Furnace’ in 2017 presenting a five movements modern jazz suite developing an original, strong, and genre transcending voice as a pianist and composer. In 2016 and 2017 Sebastian was awarded the ‘Pianist of the Year’ and ‘Artist of the Year’ distinctions by BJA.

as Sideman

Toured with in Europe, and recorded their excellent world-music debut album with Lucian Nagy & Balkumba Tribe - 'State of Soul' in 2018.

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Photos © Andrei Petcu, Patrick Clerens.

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